Favorite Natural Brands – Part 4: Supplements/Medication

Today's post is the last in a four part series of my favorite natural brands. Today I cover supplements and medication. You will find that this list is very short when it comes to medication. The reason for this is that I usually use home remedies to treat common illnesses.

Part 4: Supplements/Medication

The list below will be as follows: the bold heading is the brand with a link to their main website. The items below are the staples I usually buy.

Carlson Labs

  • Vitamin D


  • Multi Vitamin and Mineral Natural Orange Mango

Hyland's Homeopathic

  • 4 Kids Cold ‘n Cough

Nature's Plus Animal Parade®

  • Children's Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Assorted


  • Digestive Enzymes

I hope this email series has been beneficial to you and that my recommendations have taken some of the guesswork about what brands you can trust. I am not affliated with any of these companies. The information presented in this 4 part series was completely based on my personal experience.

I encourage you to be proactive about your health by being aware of your environment, the products you use and the food you eat. Knowledge allows you to make better choices.

(Just a side note, many of these items can be found in stores but, for the best prices, I usually order online from Vitacost. I've been ordering from them for a few years now and never had a problem.)

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